Dr. Lester E Griffith

Dr Griffith is a firm believer in science-based Natural Medicine, and is one of the founders of Bastyr University.  He started his academic career following a 4 year stint in the Navy.  His undergraduate degrees were in Psychology and his full intention was to become a medical doctor.  But while working at a hospital during pre-med and after becoming a Surgical Tech and an ER Tech, met an RN who began the process of convincing him that there were better ways of doing medicine than the path he was on and convinced him to check out Naturopathic Medicine.  Natural Medicine was love at first sight from then on.     

He received his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from National College of Natural Medicine at the Seattle extension campus.  His practice focus is on women’s health issues, male and female hormone replacement, and weight management.  In his early practice he delivered just short of 3,000 babies.

Along the way, he went back to school and received his RN degree and later had the distinct pleasure of receiving two honorary degrees, one from Bastyr University and one from National College of Natural Medicine.