Insurance Information

Our clinic currently participates with the following insurance. However, please be aware that participation does not mean that your particular insurance plan covers Naturopathic physicians.  Please fill out the Insurance Benefit Verification Form to confirm Naturopathic coverage prior to your appointment.

  • Medicare (Chiropractic only) Dr. Kolbo Only
  • Premera
  • Regence
  • Lifewise
  • First Choice HN
  • MedAdvantage Regence (Chiropractic only)
  • United Healthcare in network for MD – out of network for Dr. Kolbo
  • L&I (workman’s comp.)
  • PPO plans from Kaiser

 Here is a list of questions to ask your insurance company when inquiring about your eligible benefits:

  1. Do I have Naturopathic coverage? If I do am I limited to a number of visits or dollar amount per calendar year?
  2. Do I have coverage for Physiotherapies (Physical Therapies)? Do I need Pre Authorization for therapies prescribed by my Naturopath?
  3. Do I have Chiropractic coverage? Are Chiropractic Office Visits covered in addition to the adjustment?
  4. What is my deductible?
  5. What is my Co-Insurance or Co Pay?

If you have specific questions regarding integrative care and coverage please do not hesitate to contact our Insurance Department directly.


To download the information as a pdf, follow THIS LINK