Physiotherapy is one of many therapies provided at Mt Rainier Clinic. We believe that your healing successfully is a collaboration between our experience and dedication combined with your trust and commitment and desire to achieve optimal health.

Our Naturopathic doctors will discuss your physiotherapy needs at the time of your appointment.



Accu-O-Matic is an effective, non-invasive micro current stimulator. Some common uses include: acute and chronic pain, selling, TMG dysfunctions, post-op care, sports injuries and arthritis. Safe to use on children.


Diathermy is a therapeutic treatment most commonly prescribed for joint conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal conditions. Diathermy uses an electric current (shortwave, microwave and ultrasound) to produce heat deep inside a targeted tissue. It can reach areas as deep as two inches from the skin’s surface. As the heat increases, it promotes blood flow. It also can help improve flexibility in stiff joints and connective tissue. The heat can be used to increase blood flow or to relieve pain. It is also used to treat discomfort from kidney stones or sinusitis.

However, if you have implanted metal devices, cancer, reduced skin sensation, peripheral vascular disease, or one of several other contraindications, you may not be an appropriate candidate for this treatment.


Electrical Muscle Stimulation is proven way of treating muscular injuries. It works by sending electronic pulses to the muscle needing treatment; this causes the muscle to exercise passively. EMS units are used in patients with partial or full paralysis. The muscle contractions caused by the EMS machine stimulate the muscles and prevents non-use atrophy. EMS can rehabilitate muscles that have been injured due to trauma, surgery or disease by strengthening the muscles.


Iontophoresis is a form of electrical stimulation that is used to deliver medication across the skin to inflamed or injured tissues. Iontophoresis is also used for treatment of excessive seating of the hands and feet.


Traction is used in the treatment of low back and neck pain to help decrease pain and improve mobility in the spine. It’s sometimes used to keep a broken in the correct position during the early stages of healing, or to ease the pain of a fracture while a person is waiting for surgery


M4 Laser

The MR4 Laser is a powerful cold laser that is setting the standard in the world of cold laser technology. The MR4 laser is used in clinics, hospitals and therapists offices around the world. Its popularity comes, in part, from the combination of the state of the art laser technology and other specific therapeutic wavelengths of light.

The MR4 laser combines the entire range of the therapeutic spectrum of light, allowing for full pain and healing coverage. Using the most appropriate therapeutic wavelengths, the MR4 laser creates an extremely powerful clinical low level laser system. This FDA cleared device provides a very effective non-surgical, drug free treatment option.