I highly recommend the use of the hyperbaric hard chambers with 100% medical grade oxygen for the treatment of stroke. The power of oxygen under pressure is proven to improve your immune system, detoxify your body, increase your circulation, reduce inflammation, rebuild damaged blood vessels, and repair and rejuvenate damaged cells. It also improves your clarity and focus of the mind and increases stamina. I am living proof of this testimonial. With Love, Light, and Divine Inspiration.
Cherie K. - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
I have been going to Mt Rainier Clinic for over two years, mostly for chelation. I always enjoy being there because the people are friendly and helpful. The hospitality girls are very helpful with serving us beverages and snacks. I have enjoyed other services, like colonic. I especially enjoy the foot baths. I did a series of fourteen and felt great, and energetic. I highly recommend them, and this positive, helpful clinic.
Marsha B. - Clinic
I am being treated for heavy metal toxicity and have already noticed that there is a dramatic difference after 5 weeks of chelation IV treatment. My energy level has already doubled and I feel that I am well on the “road to recovery”.
J. B. - IV Therapy
I have been coming to Dr. Kolbo’s office for 25 years. I started coming to Dr. Kolbo to treat me for female issues and have been so happy with the results that now Dr. Kolbo is my Primary Care Physician. He is the best of the best.
Roseann R. - Naturopathic
The doctors all work together in order to provide the best care and treatment for each patient. Once they’ve put their heads together (so to speak) and figure out the perfect order they, all the doctors involved, go over in detail the facts that led to finding the “Best Practice” and make sure we comprehend clearly. They present things in a way even the challenged patients understand the plan of care clearly. I’ve found Dr. Kolbo to be very patient as well as very kind and most of all determined to get his patients the care/ treatment needed.
Dr. Timmer is intelligent, compassionate, thorough, and an advocate for her patients. She listens fully to what you are feeling in your body and does not discount your thoughts. She fully partners with you to help you create the healthiest you possible. I am constantly impressed by her vast knowledge. One of her many special qualities is her appreciation that only you live in your body, and therefore should have a say in the treatment of it. I feel lucky to have found such a spectacular doctor.