Shed those excess holiday pounds and toxins with Mt Rainier Clinic’s Rejuvenation Elixir!

Here it comes again - that time of year where we purchase new yoga clothes, running shoes, and a bathroom scale. It's the time of year where we look back at the holiday festivities and wonder when they started putting more calories in pumpkin pie and less elastic in our pajama pants.

If you're like millions of people, for you, the new year is a fresh beginning. It's a new year, a new start - and with no holidays in sight for a few months, it's a great time of year for a detox regimen. Perhaps you wouldn't mind even losing a few pounds. If this sounds like your New Year resolution(s), have you considered that there are healthful, energizing, and satisfying ways to obtain these goals?

Many diet and detox plans these days involve pasty protein shakes or starvation diets. The truth is, weight loss that is achieved in this fashion is not sustainable. Starvation by severe calorie restriction further stresses the nervous, hormonal, and metabolic systems and can make weight loss in the future even more difficult.

While weight gain is linked to diet and lifestyle choices, for many, diet and lifestyle are not the culprit for those extra pounds. Most often, it's the hormone system, the nervous system, and/or the metabolic system that is dictating the weight imbalance.

So what does all this mean? Balance. It really comes down to balance.

If you've been a patient at Mt Rainier Clinic, and you've already inquired about weight loss with your doctor, it's likely we've already talked to you about your hormones. Some people have even tried the very effective, Meta Rx (branded by our own, Dr. Lester Griffith, ND, PhD, RN). This is a great start, but we can do more!

The next step in balancing weight is to ensure proper balance of the micronutrients (specific amino acids, vitamins, minerals) in addition to the macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates). While this can be done slowly with oral supplementation, a new, faster, convenient, and more efficient way to help balance the metabolic system is through IV nutrition therapy. This involves receiving a 45-90 minute IV once or twice a week for 6-8 weeks (note: exact protocol to be determined on an individual basis).

The nutrients in this IV are geared towards ramping up the mobilization and metabolism of macromolecules for energy production (i.e. calorie or fat "burning") and supporting all of the detox and antioxidant pathways to promote health and prevent aging.

What are the side effects of these IVs? Well, we expect that in addition to weight loss, you may also feel more alert, happier, less anxious, have fewer symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance, have better hair growth, and maybe even look and feel more youthful! (It is not common, but some people do actually feel tired after the IV treatments in the beginning. This actually indicates a greater deficiency of the nutrients and after sufficient replenishing, these people will reap the positive benefits too.)

If IV therapy for weight loss sounds like something you'd like to try, please don't hesitate to give our doctors a call! For new patients, you will need a pre-IV consultation with a doctor (30-60 minutes, depending on the complexity of your condition). For established patients, you will need a check-in visit with your doctor to be cleared for the IV.

Please give our office a call today to schedule your IV today! We are hosting a New Year's Special for the months of January and February.

Stay tuned for more postings on medically supervised weight loss!

Written by Dr. Jessica Corbeille, ND, CES