Often I am asked “Why?” questions. Questions like:
“Why do I have to have more than one adjustment?”

“Why do I have to keep coming back for adjustments?”
“Why does this pain keep coming back after you put the bones back in place?”
“Why do I need to have periodic maintenance adjustments?”
“Why doesn’t my vertebra stay in ‘place’?”

The simple answer to these questions is you are a living breathing human being that continues to be alive. As a chiropractor, I am not treating, adjusting, attempting to relieve your pain or put bones back in place. As a chiropractor, my job is to get your body to function closer to its optimal position and this usually results in reducing symptoms. Your back and spinal column is more than a bunch of bones that keep your head out of your pelvis. Your health and your spine are not static. Your health and the condition of your spine is either improving or deteriorating. What you are doing or not doing determines how fast or how slow it deteriorates. Your body and your health are like the metaphor, “You cannot put your hand in the same river twice,” your body is constantly changing.

Chiropractic is about restoring function to the spine to reduce irritation to the nervous system. It is not about pain. Pain is what many times forces you into the office, but, unlike medical doctors who treat symptoms, chiropractic adjustments are intended to improve the function of the spine WHICH THEN, causes pain or symptoms to decrease or change.
Vertebra do not “go out” or need to be “put back in.” The spine is dynamic, flexible and not intended to be static, fixed or “in place.” Most often when a spine loses proper function several levels of vertebrae have become hypo-mobile, fixed, “stuck,” not flexible. This happens over time due to many combinations of traumas like:
lack of exercise, not stretching, poor posture, sitting at a computer for hours, tweeting or texting for hours, repetitive motions of the arms and/or legs, little injuries that are not addressed properly, emotional stress, toxic chemicals in our diet, refined grains and sugars in our diet, improper exercises, sleep posture, accidents, sports injuries, etc. In other words, life!

Due to these repetitive or unanswered injuries, weight bearing joints, most especially in the spine, adapt by becoming fixed or locked in abnormal positions. Research has shown that after two weeks of hypomobility permanent changes occur to the structure of the bones making up that weight bearing joint. These changes accumulate over time to become what is known as “osteoarthritis.”
To help return these joints to more normal movement requires repeated adjustments. Multiple adjustments are required for the same reason that it takes doing many “crunches” to get “six pack abs.” You can’t do it with just one. Pain may sometimes be relieved with one adjustment, but function is not fully restored or maintained with one adjustment.

To maintain good function requires periodic adjustments and based on the research, I suggest every two weeks. Regular adjustments are needed to keep the spine moving, functioning, even close to properly. However, adjustments of any frequency are better than no adjustments to maintain functionality and reduce symptoms.

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Written by:
By Fred Bomonti, D.C.