5 Easy Ways to Detox from smoke exposure:
Well Washington, it’s official…We have now been covered in wildfire smoke for over 2 weeks.  While my heart goes out to all those brave firefighters up north, I can’t help but let everyone know how important it is to do some things to detoxify from all this smoke exposure!  Here are my top 5 easy remedies to detox from wildfire smoke:
1. Water, Water, Water!
Your kidneys are one of the most important detox organs in your entire body.  They are constantly working 24/7 to clean your blood.  The byproducts are then made into urine.  The more water you drink, the better your kidneys filter your blood.  I also recommend adding some electrolytes to your water daily such as a squeezed lemon, a pinch of sea salt or some apple cider vinegar.

2.  Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal can be purchased from any supplement store.  Activated charcoal absorbs everything it comes in contact with, both good and bad.  As your liver works to detox compounds in our body, it excretes these byproducts into your digestive tract.  Activated charcoal absorbs these unwanted toxins and carries them out the other end.  Activated charcoal must be taken away from all other supplements, medications and foods.  Talk to your doctor to make sure this remedy is right for you.
3.  Eucalyptus Essential Oil 
Essential oils are all the rage these days, but Eucalyptus in particular is great for clearing the lungs.  The oil is NOT meant to be taken internally.  The best thing to do is get a bottle and bring it in the shower with you.  Drop 4-7 drops on the floor while the water is hot.  This will mobilize the oil into the air.  Take deep breaths through your nose and your mouth, breathing as deeply as possible.  The eucalyptus tonifies your lung tissue and helps your lungs expel toxins.

4. Neti Pots & Nasal Washes 
Our sinuses act as a natural air filter.  Our sinuses contain mucous which help to catch particles and toxins in the air so we do not breathe them into our lungs.  With all this smoke, it is common for sinuses to get clogged with particulates and become inflamed.  Rinsing your sinuses out once to twice per day can help wash out the matter that has been trapped, creating a clean environment for your sinuses to do their job. 

5. Colon Hydrotherapy: 
Consider getting a colonic or two!  Colonics work similarly to enemas.  They consist of a 45 minute session where clean, purified water is washed into your colon.  Colonics can reach much higher into your colon than an enema can, so they are able to maximize detox.  Your large intestine is one of your most important detox organs so giving it a boost after a major toxin exposure like smoke is essential!
These 5 suggestions are just the beginning of things you can do to help detoxify.  There are other dietary measures, supplements, vitamin & mineral therapies which can further assist the process.  Talk to one of our physicians here at Mt Rainier Clinic if you need a little extra guidance!  

Written By:

Dr. McKenzie Timmer, ND