Importance of Body Upkeep

A man is driving to the airport and he has a flat tire.  It will take at least a half an hour to change the tire and if he is to make his flight he must be at the airport in 45 minutes.  Where he is stopped is 30 minutes from the airport and so the man steps out of the car and says to the tire, “You can’t be flat because I have to be to the airport in 45 minutes”.  The tire immediately re-inflates and the man catches his plane. End of story.

This story is told to illustrate the essence of the very valid, very reasonable excuses and reasons that people have to explain why they can’t follow through with their care to relieve their pain, to improve their health, and/or to change their lifestyle.  It also illustrates how irrelevant those excuses are relative to the body. Here are a few of the most common reasons/excuses given to me as a chiropractor:

  • “My insurance only covers 10 visits”

  • “I can only come in once a week” (because of work, insurance, time, etc)

  • “I can’t afford to come in”

  • “My husband doesn’t ‘believe’ in chiropractic”

  • “I have to be at work at 8 AM” or “I have to work to 6 PM”

  • “The kids have soccer (baseball, dance)”

  • “I don’t have the time”

  • “I have tickets to the Mariners (Sounders, Seahawks) game”

  • “If I don’t go to work I can’t pay you”

  • “We have company from out of town” or “I was out of town”

  • “We are going on vacation”

Now these are valid reasons to not make your appointments, do your exercises, drink water, stretch or whatever and there are many more really good ones that aren’t listed.  The bottom line, however, is that the plane is leaving in 45 minutes. Your body is not able to function correctly, right now!… not tomorrow, not when it is convenient, not when you get new insurance, but right now.  Eating right once a week, exercising once a week, brushing your teeth once a week is nice and a good start, but it doesn’t get the job done.
So, what are the alternatives to following through with the recommendations?  Well, you can medicate the problem with stronger and stronger medications with all the potential adverse reactions (128,000 deaths/yr,1.9 million hospitalizations from prescription drugs only*) and with no corrective repair taking place.  You can continue to not exercise, stretch, receive adjustments, eat right, rest and relax and hope it will go away.  Or, you can choose to take responsibility for your life and do something.  Unfortunately, the strategy of waiting until it feels better has worked for us in the past; which has lead to the great lie “If I feel good, I am good”.  Waiting until it feels better is “adaptation” which means “patched as best it can”, not returned to normal.  Also unfortunately, two of the three leading causes of death in this country, #1 heart (24% of deaths) and #5 stroke (5% of deaths), share the feature that death is the first symptom you notice (or not notice) in the majority of cases. (Number 2, cancer, with 23% of the deaths doesn’t advertise its presence often either)^  

Most of us are so busy being busy we have forgotten why we are being busy in the first place.  We “don’t have time” for pain, we “don’t have time” to exercise, we “don’t have time” to eat good foods.  The funny thing is, however, all we have is time, time that is measured by “the dash” that is between the date of our birth and the date of our death.  Start today, right now, choosing how you live each minute of your day.  Choose to exercise, choose to make time for your adjustments, choose to eat good foods, choose to take time with those you love and choose to be happy each and every minute of the day.  A life is a series of choices or excuses.  Which is it going to be for you?

* Harvard Ethics Review Blog - 2014
Center for Disease Control

Written By:
Dr. Fred Bomonti, DC